Old Paris auto show posterKelly
Old Air France posterParis coat of armsStatue of liberty under construction rue de Chazelles where Kelly & Joan liveJoanJoan
Lyon, FranceThe Eiffel tower under constructionAn old metro ticketBalboa peninsula in Newport Beach, CAAn Air France Airbus A300 in LHRThe 3 ducks hostel where Kelly & Joan metEuropean vacationKelly & JoanYoung JoanYoung Kelly


Your attendance is the greatest gift

As many of you are joining us from various parts of the world, we feel it wouldn't be fair to request gifts. We recognize the significant journeys you're undertaking and the associated costs. Having you with us is far more valuable than any material gift.

Really, please don't feel obligated to give us a gift!

Should you find it impossible to resist the urge to offer us something, we would be grateful for a contribution to our honeymoon fund. You can find the details for this at the links provided below.

Thank you so much for being a part of this moment.