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Getting to Paris


  • I would highly recommend creating a price alert on Skyscanner and Kayak to start tracking the price trends for this time period
  • The airport code for paris is PAR (this encompasses both parisian airports CDG and ORY)
  • Try not to book too early, and try not to wait till the last minute cause prices tend to be the worst during these time periods (There are a lot of different opinions about the ideal time to book an international flight)
  • From my experience for trips from the west coast for the summer period
    • 600-900 : Good price for this time of year (summer is more expensive)
    • 900-1200 : Normal price
    • 1200-1500 : Pricy
  • To reduce costs
    • Don't fly direct
    • Play around with dates (weekends tend to be more expensive)
    • Accept a long layover
    • Check out the low cost companies like French Bee, but be careful of the added fees for simple services like food during the flight or checking a bag
  • If you don't mind paying a bit more for a more comfortable ride, Air France operates a lot of direct flights from major cities and is a pretty decent company (you also get free unlimited champagne)

Getting from the airport to Paris


  • DO NOT ride in a taxi which is not an official parisian taxi. When you get off the plane you will frequently have a bunch of people soliciting you proposing “taxi” services. Don’t choose those people, you will pay much more than you should.
  • Follow the signs in the airport to find a taxi stand. The prices to get to and from the airport are regulated and are as follows
    • 55 € CDG to Paris right bank (north of the Seine river)
    • 62 € CDG to Paris left bank (south of the Seine river)
    • 41 € ORLY to Paris right bank (north of the Seine river)
    • 35 € ORLY to Paris left bank (south of the Seine river)
  • Don’t accept to pay anything other than those prices since it is illegal to charge anything outside of those fees. Also, tipping isn’t an obligation, only if you had a fabulous experience.
  • Link to the website of G7 (the biggest taxi company in Paris) which allows you to book a taxi ahead of time (not necessary when departing from the airport to Paris).


  • Will probably be more expensive for a ride to/from the airport since they are not subject to the same regulations as the parisian taxis.
  • Better for travel inside the city
  • Works like in the US