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Moving around

Renting a car

  • Driving and parking in Paris = chaotic and very expensive
  • I highly suggest relying on taxis and public transport
  • Only rent a car if you enjoy this type of madness or want to leave the city
  • American driver’s licenses are valid in France


  • I highly suggest relying on taxis and public transport
  • The metro is the fastest way to move around in Paris. However is can get pretty chaotic during rush hours (8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm)
  • You can download the official Metro app (iPhone / Android) which will allow you to view itineraries to move around using the metro. You also can use Google maps which works as well to calculate itineraries using public transports.
  • If you plan on using the metro, the best way is to buy a rechargeable card (called "Passe Navigo Easy"). The card costs 2€ and can be bought at most metro stations. Once bought, you can recharge the card directly with your smartphone using the metro app mentioned above.
  • You can check the metro map here.
  • If you don't like the metro there is also a bus network but it tends to be slower.

Train / TGV

  • Trains are greats if you want to travel outside of Paris. The connections are pretty fast. You can go to Lyon in 2h, to Marseille by the mediterranean sea in 3h. You also can connect to international cities like London or Brussels using the train.
  • The SNCF is the national French train company. Tickets can be bought on their website.
  • Paris has 4 main train stations.